to be held between 12 and 15 September, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary, hosted by the Section of Rolling Stock at the Hungarian Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers (SSME).

The Scope of the Conference

This tenth Conference (the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighthabd nineth were held also in Budapest in 1989, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013 resp.) will cover topics related to research, development, design, manu­facturing and operation of the most sophisticated mechanical units of railway vehicles: the bogies and the running gears.

The Aim of the Conference is to offer an opportunity for the specialists in the field from all over the World to present results of their activities, both the very latest results and re­sults achieved over the last 3 years. The Con­ference will also enable participants to be­come acquainted with the work of others, to promote further development by means of discussion and comments, and to profit from making new personal contacts. Overall the Conference will help to define new directions for future tech­nical research and development.


The 40 papers to be lectured in the Oral Ses­sions, and the maximum 20 papers to be exhibited in the Poster Session will be selected by the International Scientific Committee from among the paper offers received. After the lectures the participants will be free to ask questions or to make comments.

The Organising Committee would like to en­courage an international exchange of infor­mation, ideas and solutions to practical prob­lems in the following topics:

Design and Operation of Bogies and Running Gears

Powered and Trailer Bogies and Running Gears for High Speeds

Powered and Trailer Bogies and Running Gears for Heavy Haulage

Powered and Trailer Bogies and Running Gears for Light Rail Cars

  Non-Conventional Bogie- and Running Gear Constructions

  Special Problems of Designing Welded Bogie Frames

  Advanced Brake Systems in Bogies

  Interaction between the Brake System and the Running Gear

  Mechanics of Bogies and Running Gears

  Wheel-Rail Contact- and Wear Simulation, Optimisation and Measurement

  Prediction of Riding Stability, Riding Comfort and Riding Safety

Advanced Control of Bogies and Running Gears

  Computer Aided Optimum Design of Bogies and Running Gears

  Strength Dimensioning of Bogies and Running Gears, Loading Conditions, Fatigue Problems, Service Life Predictions

  Fretting Fatigue in Bogies and Running Gears

  Manufacturing, Repair and Maintenance Problems of Bogies and Running Gears

  Testing and Qualification of Bogies and Running Gears

  Operation Reliability Predictions for Bogies and Running Gears


The official languages of the Conference will be English and Hungarian. We shall provide simultaneous interpreters.


The opportunity is offered to exhibit models, photos and documentations of products, technologies and know-how for publicity purposes.


If you wish to contribute to the Conference with a lecture, you are kindly requested to send (preferably by e-mail) a one-page Abstract of the topic to be lectured, clearly indicating also the title, the name of author(s), affiliation, mailing address, Phone and Fax numbers, as well as E-mail address. Abstracts must be received by 20 April, 2016. Please send back also the filled in Pre-Registration Form

If you wish only to listen to the lectures, it is enough to send your Pre-Registration Form by 30 April, 2016. Electronic pre-registration is also possible, click on www.railveh.bme.hu/bogie13.html

The number of Conference Participants is limited to 170 persons.

If you intend to exhibit, please, send a separ­ate letter to the Organising Committee, nam­ing the exhibition material and indicating the area needed.

Participation Fees

The Conference participation fee is 500 є  (for contributors only 400 є), which includes the costs of the abstracts, preliminaries, Con­ference Reception, lunches, Conference Din­ner and the Proceedings. The Proceedings will be published after the Conference and mailed to all participants.


Accommodation should individually be arranged by the participants. The organisers have made reservations for accommodation for the time span 12-15 September 2016, as follows:

                   single-bed room/night   double-bed room/night

Hotel Erzsébet             60 є                      66 є

      e-mail: erzsebet.reservation@danubiushotels.com

Hotel Astoria                95 є                    105 є

     e-mail: astoria.reservation@danubiushotels.com

Hotel Ibis Style City    83 є                      90 є

     e-mail: H2025-re1@accor.com

Hotel Gellért             55…80 є                110 є

     e-mail: gellert.reservation@danubiushotels.com

Booking Form for each hotel can be down­loaded from the this home page

The Hotels handle the reservation requests on a first come - first served

basis. Therefore, please return the Booking Form at your earliest conveni-

ence, but up to 15 July, 2016 at the latest!

In your order, please indicate BOGIE ’16. Please note that all accommodation prices include breakfast and they might rise 3-5% in 2016.

For any information concerning the scope of the Conference, as well as any special re­quests or problems which might arise, please contact

Prof. István Zobory

Budapest University of Technology
and Economics (BME)

President of the Department Rolling Stock

at the Hungarian Scientific Society

of Mechanical Engineers
Phone: (36-1) 463-3860, or (36-1) 369 8140

E-mail: zobory.vjt.bme@gmail.hu

The Pre-Registration Form can be downloaded from the home page address:


Please fax or mail the filled in Pre-Registra­tion Form to the secretary of the Organising Committee:

Prof. András Szabó

Vice-President of the Department Rolling Stock

at the Hungarian Scientific Society

of Mechanical Engineers

H-1521 Budapest

Phone/fax: (36-1) 463-1860

E-mail: bogie16@gteportal.eu

The Preliminary Program of the Conference together with further information will be sent in the Second Circular.


Conference Presidency

President : Prof. István Zobory (Hungary)

Honorary-President: Prof. Otmar Krettek                                              (Germany)

International Scientific Committee

Prof. Stefano Bruni (Italy)

Dr. Hugues Chollet (France)

Prof. Andrzej Chudzikiewicz (Poland)

Dr. Robert Fröhling (South Africa)

Dr. Andreas Haigermoser (Austria)

Prof. Robert F. Harder (USA)

Prof. Vladimir Kobishanov (Russia)

Prof. Fu Li (P.R.China)

Prof. Akira Matsumoto (Japan)

Prof. T.X. Mei (UK)

Prof. Sergiy Myamlin (Ukraine)

Dr. Oldrich Polach (Switzerland)

Prof. Christian Schindler (Germany)

Prof. Sebastian Stichel (Sweden)

Prof. Hans True (Denmark)

Prof. Nalinaksh S. Vyas (India)

Local Organising Committee

Prof. András Szabó (Hungary)

Prof. József Csiba (Hungary)

Prof. Gergely Tulipánt (Hungary)

Mr. Péter Ferencz (Hungary)

Mr. Csaba Kiss (Hungary)

Mr. Miklós Krémer (Hungary)

Dr. László Oroszváry (Hungary)

Mr. János Parázsó (Hungary)

Mr. László Süveges (Hungary)

Mr. Gábor Tóth (Hungary)

Dr. Vilmos Tölgyesi (Hungary)